New Definition Of Logistic: Jelajah Borneo

Jelajah Borneo is a company wholy owned by native Malaysian. Formerly known as Moringgan Enterprise on 2008 and later converted to Jelajah Borneo in 2010. The core business is providing transportation & logistic services within Borneo specialy rural area.

Once We Promise, We Deliver!
Sabah based logistic company founded in 2008 which is specialized in RURAL transportation services. Jelajah Borneo starts to build its logistic business in Kota Kinabalu, its standardized management, extensive market coverage and excellent delivery assignment has built customer trust with ease.

With the tagline above, Jelajah Borneo ensure the best quality of logistic services provided. The company owns trucks, lorries, machines, cargo container vehicles and various types of special logistic equipments together with a warehouse facility to fit all kind of domestic and foreign firm's requirement.

Also known as TRANSPORTER, Jelajah Borneo consist of wide range skilled crew, ability to endure tough task offers fast and safe delivery to the desired destination. Read more...

April 01, 2012 website finally up!

June 11, 2011
Jelajah Borneo are now available on Facebook.